Podręcznik zaawansowany Aeg L 60270 Fl

Podręcznik zaawansowany Aeg L 60270 Fl to kompletny i wyczerpujący przewodnik dotyczący użytkowania i konserwacji tego modelu suszarki. Zawiera szczegółową instrukcję krok po kroku do wykonania każdej czynności, od podstawowego czyszczenia po bardziej skomplikowane naprawy. Podręcznik zawiera również informacje na temat bezpieczeństwa i przechowywania, aby zapewnić użytkownikowi jak najlepsze doświadczenia związane z użytkowaniem tego sprzętu. Dodatkowo, podręcznik zawiera wskazówki dotyczące optymalnego działania i konserwacji urządzenia, aby zapewnić jego najlepszą wydajność.

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L 60270 FL

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ENGLISH 3 FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler – features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it. ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLES In the AEG webshop, you’ll find everything you need to keep all your AEG appliances looking spotless and working perfectly. Along with a wide range of acce
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4 www. com SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use, read this • Obey the safety instructions on the de- manual carefully: tergent packaging to prevent burns to eyes, mouth and throat. • For your safety and the safety of your property • Make sure that you remove all metal objects from the laundry. Hard and • To help the environment sharp material can cause damage to • For the correct operation of the appli- the appliance. ance. • Do not touch the glass of the door Always keep thes
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ENGLISH 5 • Do not replace or change the mains ca- Water connection ble. Contact the service centre. • Do not connect the appliance with old • Make sure not to cause damage to the hoses already used. Only use new ho- mains plug and cable. ses. • Connect the mains plug to the mains • Make sure not to cause damage to the socket only at the end of the installa- water hoses. tion. Make sure that there is access to • Do not connect the appliance to new the mains plug after the installation. pipes or
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6 www. com PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1 2 3 8 9 10 4 5 11 6 7 12 Worktop Feet for the appliance level 1 7 Detergent dispenser Water drain hose 2 8 Control panel Water inlet valve 3 9 Door handle Mains cable 4 10 Rating plate Transit bolts 5 11 Drain pump Feet for the appliance level 6 12 ACCESSORIES Spanner 1 1 2 To remove the transit bolts. Plastic caps 2 To close the holes on the rear side of the cabinet after the removal of the transit bolts. Anti-flood inlet hose 3 To prevent possible leakage Pl
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ENGLISH 7 CONTROL PANEL 1 2 3 Stop Algodões Eco Algodões 20 Min. - 3 kg + Pré-lavagem Jeans + Nódoas Cortinados Sintéticos Engomar Fácil Enxaguamento Escoamento Delicados Centrifugação Lãs/Sedas On/Off 9 8 7 6 5 4 On/Off button (On/Off) • You do not use the appliance for 5 mi- 1 4 nutes before you press button. Programme knob 2 – All settings are cancelled. Display 3 – 1 Press button to activate the appli- Start/Pause button (Início/Pausa) 4 ance again. Delay start button (Início Diferido) 5
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8 www. com The display shows: A • The programme time When the programme starts, the time decreases with steps of 1 minute. • The delay start When you press the delay start button, the display shows the delay start time. •Alarm codes If the appliance has a malfunction, the display shows alarm codes. Refer to 'Troubleshooting' chapter. •Err The display shows this message for some seconds if: – You set a function that is not applicable for the programme. – You change the programme while it opera
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ENGLISH 9 • To deactivate the function press button 9 TEMPERATURE BUTTON 5 and button 6 at the same time un- 9 Press button to change the default til the indicator of button 7 is off. temperature. = cold water ACOUSTIC SIGNALS FUNCTION You can hear the acoustic signals when: • You activate the appliance. • You deactivate the appliance. • You press the buttons. • The programme is completed. • The appliance has a malfunction. To deactivate/activate the acoustic sig- nals, press button 8 and butt
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10 www. com PROGRAMMES Programme Type of load Cycle Functions Temperature max. weight of load description Algodões White and coloured Wash SPIN REDUCTION 95° - Cold cotton with normal Rinses RINSE HOLD soil. Long spin EXTRA RINSE max. 7 kg 1) TIME SAVE Algodões + Pré White and coloured Prewash SPIN REDUCTION - lavagem cotton with heavy soil. Wash RINSE HOLD 95° - Cold max. 7 kg Rinses EXTRA RINSE 1) Long spin TIME SAVE Algodões + Nó- White and coloured Wash SPIN REDUCTION doas cotton with hea
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ENGLISH 11 Programme Type of load Cycle Functions Temperature max. weight of load description Cortinados Set this programme Prewash SPIN REDUCTION 40° - Cold to wash curtains. It Wash RINSE HOLD adds automatically Rinses EXTRA RINSE the prewash phase to Short spin clean the dust from the curtains. Do not put the deter- gent into the prewash compartment. max. 2 kg Jeans All items in jeans. Jer- Wash SPIN REDUCTION 60° - Cold sey made items with Rinses RINSE HOLD hi-tech materials. Short spin EXTR
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12 www. com CONSUMPTION VALUES The data of this table are approximate. Different causes can change the data: the quantity and type of laundry, the water and ambient temperature. Programmes Load Energy con- Water con- Approxi- Remaining (Kg) sumption sumption (li- mate pro- moisture (kWh) tre) gramme du- 1) (%) ration (mi- nutes) Cottons 60 °C 7 1. 30 62 157 53 Cottons 40 °C 7 0. 80 62 154 53 Synthetics 40 3. 5 0. 53 45 127 35 °C Delicates 40 3. 57 53 100 35 °C Wool/Hand 2 0. 25 45 56 30 wash 30
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ENGLISH 13 BEFORE FIRST USE 1. To activate the drain system, put 2 li- detergent dispenser. Set and start a tre of water in the main wash com- programme for cotton at the highest partment of the detergent dispenser. temperature without laundry. This re- moves all possible dirt from the drum 2. Put a small quantity of detergent in and the tub. the main wash compartment of the USING THE APPLIANCE 1. 4. Open the water tap. Put the laundry in the appliance. 2. Connect the mains plug to the mains 5.
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14 www. com The detergent compartment for the prewash phase, the soak pro- gramme and for the stain function. Add the detergent for prewash, soak and stain remover before the start of the programme. The detergent compartment for the washing phase. If you use a liquid detergent, put it immediately before you start the programme. Liquid additives compartment (fabric conditioner, starch). Put the product in the compartment before you start the pro- gramme. This is the maximum level for the quant
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ENGLISH 15 4. To use liquid detergent, turn the flap down. With the flap in the position DOWN: – Do not use gelatinous or thick liquid detergents. – Do not put more liquid deter- gent than the limit showed in the flap. – Do not set the prewash phase. – Do not set the delay start func- tion. 5. Measure out the detergent and the fabric conditioner. 6. Carefully close the detergent dis- penser. Make sure that the flap does not cause a blockage when you close the drawer. SETTING AND STARTING A PROG
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16 www. com 2. When the countdown is completed, Open the appliance door. the programme starts automatically. 3. Close the appliance door and press 4 button. The programme or the Before you press button 4 to delay start continues. start the appliance, you can cancel or change the set of the delay If the temperature and level of the start. water in the drum are too high, the door lock symbol stays on and you cannot open the door. To CANCEL THE DELAY START open the door do the steps that 1. Pr
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ENGLISH 17 HINTS AND TIPS THE LAUNDRY LOAD DETERGENTS AND ADDITIVES • Divide the laundry in: white, coloured, • Only use detergents and additives spe- synthetics, delicates and wool. cially made for washing machines. • Obey the washing instructions that are • Do not mix different types of deter- on the laundry care labels. gents. • Do not wash together white and col- • To help the environment, do not use oured items. more than the correct quantity of deter- gent. • Some coloured items can discol
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18 www. com Water hardness Level Type °dH °T. H. mmol/l Clarke 2 medium 8-14 16-25 1. 6-2. 5 10-16 3 hard 15-21 26-37 2. 6-3. 7 17-25 4 very hard > 21 > 37 >3. 7 >25
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ENGLISH 19 CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! CAUTION! Do not use alcohol, solvents or chemical products. Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply before you clean it. MAINTENANCE WASH With the low temperature programmes it DESCALING is possible that some detergent stays in The water we use contains limescale. If it the drum. Make regularly a maintenance becomes necessary, use a water softener wash. To do this: to remove limescales. • Empty the laundry from the drum. Use a special product made for
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20 www. com DETERGENT DISPENSER To clean the dispenser: 1. Press the lever. 1 2. Pull the dispenser out. 2 3. Remove the top part of the liquid ad- ditive compartment. Clean all the parts with water. Clean the dispenser recess with a brush. Put back the dispenser in the recess. WARNING! DRAIN PUMP 1. Disconnect the mains plug Regularly examine the drain pump from the mains socket. and make sure that it is clean. Do not remove the filter while the appliance operates. Do Clean the p

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1. Model, np. EWF1204W
2. Kod produktu (PNC), np, 914520402
3. Kod ML, np. 05 
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Podręcznik zaawansowany Aeg L 60270 Fl

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