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Instrukcje obsługi Haier Ms 2480eg Ss są ważnym narzędziem dla właścicieli tego modelu urządzenia. Zawierają one szczegółowe informacje dotyczące funkcji, konfiguracji, konserwacji i naprawy urządzenia. Instrukcje obsługi zawierają również informacje o trybach pracy, instrukcje bezpieczeństwa i inne ważne zalecenia. Instrukcje obsługi są jedynym oficjalnym źródłem informacji na temat urządzenia Haier Ms 2480eg Ss, ponieważ zawierają aktualizacje i poprawki od producenta. Właściciele powinni regularnie sprawdzać instrukcje obsługi w celu zapoznania się z zaleceniami producenta dotyczącymi bezpiecznego użytkowania urządzenia.

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User’s Manual
Household Microwave Oven
Before Use
Features of the Product............ 1
Names of the Parts................... 2
Safety Precautions................... 3
Installation Environment........... 5
Open the Package Carton *
Installation................................ 5
Instructions of the Control Panel
Functions.................................. 6
Usage....................................... 7
Selection of the Cooking

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Features of the Product ★ Safe to use ● The door adopts unique anti-choke structure and integrated punch forming, and thus effectively prevents the microwave from leaking. ● It is controlled by two-step interlock switch. The power will be switched off automatically when the door is open, therefore it is much safer to use. ★ Shining appearance ● The door shell and operation panel frame shell adopt imported high-quality stainless steel materials, and will never get rust and change color. It has m
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Names of the Parts shell door cavity operation board useful volume of the cavity is 16 l door seal baking mesh door hook glass rotary tray tray support diagrammtic sketch for mesh board the accessory installation (heating pipe on board) cavity 2
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Safety Precautions Please read the safety precautions carefully to guarantee safe and convenient use of the microwave oven. Electric No Attention Danger shock Warning dismantle hazard No one except the professional technicians Do not use metal rod to enter the interlock are permitted to disassemble the microwave switch hole on the front side of the cavity. It oven, or it may result in electric shock. may cause hazard. interlock switch hole Danger Danger Do not apply excess force to the door. It
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Safety Precautions Do not use it with the cavity empty. It will When roasting, the face of the door and damage the microwave oven. the top of the cabinet may become hot to touch. warning warning Allow the cavity to cool after long cooking Do not use metallic dishware to cook with processes (i. e. Roasting etc) before microwave as it will cause internal arcing. starting another cook cycle. warning warning Warning 1. If the door or door seals are damaged, the oven must not be operated until it has
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Installation Environment Ventilation space is required in installation Do not install the microwave oven in of the microwave oven. environment that is humid or with high temperature. attention attention Open the Package Carton Installation Haier THERMOCOOL baking mesh Open the user’s carton manual glass rotary tray rotary tray support Put the microwave oven levelly at the Select independent special socket, position you choose. Keep good with current at least 10A. Be sure to ventilation. ground
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Functions 6
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Usage The microwave oven has five power levels, 1. Cooking function which are able to meet your requirements for different cooking functions. P100 P70 P50 P30 P10 High Medium-high Medium Medium-low Low For instance To cook for 12 minutes and 30 seconds with medium power level. 1. Push the “POWER LEVEL” button three times. POWER LEVEL LED display 2. Push the “10MIN” button once. LED display ● 10MIN ● 3. Push the “1MIN” button twice. LED display ● 1MIN ● 4. Push the “10SEC” but
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Usage With the AUTO MENU cooking function, you only need AUTO MENU set the type and weight of the food then start the oven cooking to do cooking, without setting the cooking time. Menu types: For instance A2 A3 A1 A4 A5 A6 To cook 200g mutton with AUTO Cook Cook Auto Heat Cook Cook MENU function. vegetable meat reheat milk fish chicken 1. Push the “AUTO MENU” button four times. LED display AUTO MENU 2. Push the “WEIGHT” button twice. LED display WEIGHT 3. Push the “START” button. LED display ● S
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Usage Two-step roast This model of microwave oven has the two-step roast function. High and Low. Select suitable power level according to different food to make best effect. For instance Power level of two-step roast G2 G1 For instance to roast with the HIGH power level for 5 Low High minutes and 10 seconds. Push the “GRILL” button once. LED display G1- G2 GRILL 2. Push the “1MIN” button five times. LED display 1MIN ● ● 3. Push the “10SEC” button once. LED display 10SEC ● ● 4. Push the “START
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Usage Combined roast It is suggested to use Combined Roast to cook food with large volume and thickness. That is to say, use “Microwave + Roast” during cooking. Power level of the combined roast For instance to do a combined roast with C1 C2 low power consumption for 2 minutes and High Low 20 seconds. Push the “COMBINATION” button twice. C1- C2 LED display COMBINATION 2. Push the “1MIN” button two times. Push the “10SEC” button two times. 10SEC ● ● 4. Push the “START”
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Usage Child-lock function To avoid children from playing or tampering with the microwave oven and sustaining possible injury, the microwave oven has a special Child Lock function 1. Set the “CHILD-LOCK”. LED display When the oven is not in the use and the door is close, push the “10MIN” button and the “10SEC” buttonsimultaneously. The microwave oven will give a long buzz, indicating that the CHILD-LOCK is engaged. In the locked mode, no operation can be executed. 2. Cancel the “CHILD-LOCK”. LED d
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Selection of the Cooking Dishware Please select suitable cooking dishware for Selection of the microwave the microwave oven. cooking dishware Microwave characters absorbed by the food penetrate the glass reflected by the metal Combined cooking Cooking dishware Microwave cooking Roast-cooking Heatproof Yes Yes Yes glass container Non heatproof No No No glass container Heatproof plastic Yes No No container ● Please use containers labelled with “apply for microwave oven” mark
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Cooking Tips Cooking tips for microwave oven Lower temperature requires longer cooking time. Frozen Food temperature food needs longer heating time than common food. As the microwave cavity is smaller it will retain a higher level of Food moisture humidity, larger humidity levels result in shorter cooking time. As the microwave can only penetrate 2-4cm into the food, Food shape the thickness of the food will influence the cooking time. Heating times are different between dense food Food density
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Maintenance * Repair Maintenance: Frequently cleaning and maintenance can guarantee normal performance of the microwave oven. Be sure to switch off the power before Do not use detergent and materials cleaning. containing metal to clean the cavity and door. combustible detergent forbidden forbidden whitener forbidden alkaline acid detergent detergent Use soapy water to clean the shell, and wipe it with soft cloth. Use wet cloth to clean food scraps on the door, door seal and inside the cavity. Us
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Answers to Questions Answers to questions 1. The lamp has failed. Why is the lamp not on? 2. The timer is not set. Why is the vapor emitted from It is normal that the vapor may emit during cooking. the air discharge outlet? Sometimes the vapor will condensed into water and flow Why is there water overflowing out. It is normal phenomenon. below the door? No. The metal shelter can reflect the energy back into the Can the microwave leak from oven. The view window only allows harmless light to pass
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After-sales Service After-sales service 1. Please glue the invoice on the invoice column in the warranty certificate and keep it with care. This product has one year’s warranty (subject to the purchase date on invoice) with maintenance free of charge. Please contact the special shop for maintenance by the warranty certificate and invoice if maintenance is needed. 3. The following cases will not enjoy the maintenance free of charge. We will offer maintenance with relative charges for them: (1)
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Specific No. 0050502425

Instrukcje obsługi Haier Ms 2480eg Ss

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